Sitefinity CMS

A Versatile, User-driven CMS


Sitefinity is a modern CMS that provides an easy and user-friendly platform for your organization's website. If you are looking for a versatile but simple tool for websites, Sitefinity is a very good choice. Website building is largely based on the placement of content elements in the right places, and content creators are able to do much without the help of developers. Site administrators can, for example, create new page templates for editors to use.

Sitefinity also have tools for marketing needs such as integrated Google Analytics, SEO fields and personalization tools.


Sitefinity is a CMS platform owned by Progress, and is originally developed in Bulgaria. The current platform continues to focus on user experience and ease of use. The platform is .NET based and licensed.

More than 10,000 sites are published on Sitefinity. Well-known sites include:


Sitefinity is one of the few platform vendors that clearly announces improvements on their websites. The latest version always shows a list of improvements

Typically, Sitefinity releases one major version and 2-3 smaller versions per year.

Kraftvaerk also chose Sitefinity

In the beginning of 2019, Kraftvaerk decided to renew its website, and at the same time change the platform. Options were limited to .NET-based platforms and largely looked at the platforms found in the company portfolio.

Kraftvaerk wanted a platform that greatly improves SEO visibility and is as simple as possible to use. For example, Kraftvaerk does not have a dedicated communications in Finland, so simplicity is very important. Since the previous platform did not have any personalization or A / B testing tools, it was clear to select a platform that would allow these features to be utilized.

Sitefinity was seen as a workable entity that did not require too much customization, which led to the selection of the platform.

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