Sitecore DXP

One of the Leading Platforms in Digital Customer Experience Management

About Sitecore

Danish-based Sitecore is one of the largest and internationally used CMS market platforms, and its DXP (Digital Experience Platform) has been specifically designed to serve as a platform for large sales and marketing driven sites. In Finland, a significant number of platform service implementations have been made using Sitecore.

As a Danish company we have extensive knowledge and expertise in Sitecore. Among else, Sitecore also has the Sitecore XC (Experience Commerce) e-commerce platform in its product catalogue.


Founded in Denmark in 2001, Sitecore is one of the Content Management System pioneers.

The Future

Sitecore is constantly evolving and seeking a more holistic position in the digital marketing toolkit. We are an experienced partner supporting our clients utilizing Sitecore.


Some of Our Sitecore Clients