Episerver DXC

The Leading CMS Platform in Both Forrester and Gartner Analyst Reports

About Episerver

The Swedish-based Episerver is a popular CMS platform, especially among international organizations with extensive website needs. Episerver's strengths include language version control and scalability among else. Through recent acquisitions, Episerver has increased its digital marketing and customer experience capabilities to better match always changing business needs. Episerver's e-commerce platform is also widely used feature, seamlessly integrating e-commerce and content to increase sales.


Founded in Sweden in 1994, Episerver has long been one of the leading CMS platforms in the Nordic market. Episerver launched the Episerver Episerver Digital Experience Platform (DXP) which combines licensing, elastic scalability, hosting, etc.


Episerver is evolving at a rapid pace and is seeking an increasingly comprehensive position in the marketing toolkit. As an experienced partner, we support our clients in deploying and using Episerver.

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