Digital Excellence in Waste and Heating Services


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<h1><span class="text-athletic-green">Digital Excellence</span> in Waste and Heating Services</h1>
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With +400,000 customers, 64 million data points from distinct data sources and a vision to make it “Easy To Act Green”, Kredsløb, a Danish waste management and district heating company started a digital transformation with huge ambitions: To craft a futureproof digital self-service platform that enables citizens and companies to reduce heating and Co2, sort and recycle more waste, and manage all heat and waste related tasks in one digital self-service platform.


Together with Kredsløb and their partners, we’ve kickstarted a true digital transformation: Designing a new IT architecture, developing a new Umbraco platform, and connecting and synchronising consumption data sources to Kredsløb’s master data and business systems. And ultimately, making it all available for their 400.000 customers through a secure, single sign-on, self-service platform. In near future, all services, consumption data, subscriptions, payments, self-service and communication are personalized and handled in one place.

Complex roadmap. Strict focus.

Like Rome, the new Kredsløb isn’t built in a day. The roadmap is extensive. Here’s what we’ve done in close partnership with Kredsløb and their other it system partners:

  • 01.

    A combined strategy, problem identification and digital roadmap process fueled the rocket. The result: A clear channel strategy, organisation, solid architecture, single sign-on and point of contact.

  • 02.

    We’ve developed a POC with the aim to craft a single truth and logic around userIDs, master data og login (Azure AD), synchronising data across Netcompany’s AROSia (waste management), KMD Easy (heating), Salesforce CDP etc. All data flow through a special API, applicable to any future system.

  • 03.

    On top of Kredsløb’s Umbraco 10, we’ve built a flexible, user-friendly headless platform, where all services, subscriptions, communication and self-service are available for end-users.

Kredslob OK

Different keys to the same door

The overall challenge for Kredsløb was that all data sources come from different systems. User identification, data structure, flows and connectors. No synchronised or uniform data to access. However, these systems cannot be replaced. We had to work WITH the systems. Not against them.

Therefore, we started out by building pathways and logics, and a new API to connect all these data sources. Through an open-source identity and access management solution (KeyCloak ID at first, and the Azure Active Directory B2C afterwards), connected to a Danish “MitID” authentication service (Criipto), Kredsløb’s master data is now a trustworthy single source of truth.

No communication, no action.

While public authorities can communicate freely to its citizens based on social security numbers (CPR), private companies need permission, documentation and a CRM/e-mail-system to do so.

Kredsløb had none of that to begin with. And reaching 400.000 people through e-boks is expensive (so don’t put in the wrong link).

With a new Salesforce Customer Data (CDP) and Marketing Automation platform, Kredsløb can now gradually achieve permissions and proactively send e-mails and/or text messages to their customers. For instance, advising them on waste management or alerting them if the return heat is too high.


Turning service into sustainable action

Kredsløb is a decisive player in a greener and more circular East Jutland, where recycling and waste sorting happen as close to end-users and companies as possible.

To reach the goals, service providers must make it “Easy To Act Green” and take sustainable action.

By bringing all data and services together in one digital self-service platform, and adding proactive, personalised communication, Kredsløb empower people to make sustainable change.

And Kredsløb themselves will be able to monitor and document emissions better than before.

Kredslob Desktop
Kredslob Mobile

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